Tendie Tracker

Tendie Tracker

Every tender counts.

The web app that helps you track your expenses, budgetize your spending, and make tendies.

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Disclaimer: this was made for fun and is no longer actively maintained. By using Tendie Tracker, you agree to laughing at any weird issues and not suing me since this and that say you can't.

Everything you need to track your spending

Thoughtfully designed for those who want to take control of their expenses with minimal effort.

Visualize your tendies

Monitor your expense and budget data in a clean, simple dashboard so that you can understand and make better spending decisions.

Simple expensing

Easily add a quick expense from the dashboard - or - bulk add, update, delete, and view / download all expense history.

Budget and save

Level up your expense tracking and create budgets to keep your spending low and tendies plentiful.

Categorize for insights

Get surgical with your spending and create categories for your common expenses so that you can gain insight into spending habits.

Detailed reporting

View and download detailed reports that slice and dice your spending and budgeting into insightful data points.

Manage your account

Partners? Roommates? Besties? Add up to 5 other payers to your account so you can track spending amongst each other, as well as other account management features.

Visualize your tendies with Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your one stop shop for tendie trackin'. Quickly expense and view your spending at a glance.

Manage your Expenses

Add, update, delete, export. It's all good 👍

Manage your Budgets

Create budgets to help control your spending by setting targets for any set of spending categories.

Get insights from Reporting

Take a load off and let Tendie Tracker do all the heavy lifting with reporting.

Budget Report

Monthly Spending Report

Spending Categories Report

Payers Report

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Built in Canada

That means it’s awesome.